The Manifesto

A new vision.

Ours. That of decentralization.

Some are worthy of what we are building together, others use our work for their personal enrichment.
We declare war upon scammers and multinationals that are trying to take over our web.
We declare war upon opportunists, thieves and all those who endanger the work of others.
We declare war upon all those who believe they can pay artists as they see fit, and believe “visibility” pays the bills.
This is a new era, and they are not welcomed.

We spell the end of their old world.

Join the community and take part in the eradication of those who believe they can abuse us with apparent impunity.
The collective intelligence of the Hive will conquer.

Take part in the construction.
Join the Hive. Protect one another. Protect Web3.

They will not rewrite our history.
We are already doing it.

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