The Bees Kingdom

The Bees Kingdom NFT is not merely a collection, it is a culture.

We do not offer JPEGs, we will not sell you merchandising, we will not make fake promises, we will not create a Metaverse, nor a video game. We are a group of artists, who truly believe in Web3. We too have seen dishonesty, scammers, fake investors and burner accounts.

The end has begun.

Open manifesto

The Hive is Awake !

A collective intelligence


Bees have been the gatekeepers of Humanity’s survival for 150 million years. Their synergy has led them to establish ancestral kingdoms. Organized, supportive and devoted, their sense of community allows them to carry out complex tasks, vital to the survival of the Hive, as well as defend it against Bumblebees.

We all know Web3’s Bumblebees. Some have seen them from afar, others have been stung. Scammers, fake investors, opportunists, infopreneurs, followers of the “Under promise, never deliver” motto, the list goes on.

The Web3 Community is seeing a lot of Bumblebees, and not enough Bees.

Our ambition is to create a supportive and devoted community.

Become a Bee, take part in the construction of the Hive.

The Hive's synergy


Being part of the Hive is to protect Web3.
The more we are, the greater our deterrent force becomes.

Ensure the recognition and compensation of artists

Check the reliability of collections and the people behind them

Hunt down scammers (cleansing flight)

Share information and knowledge

Ensure no Bumblebee enters the Hive

This is just the beginning, our community aims to impact Web3 in its entirety.

Fair launch : each bee costs 0.2ETH.

Intellectual and commercial property will be given in full to the NFT owner.
Our second priority is to have an impact on the real world. This is why $100 000 worth of donations will be paid to a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting bees.

You will be able to decide the receiving organization through a vote.

At your service

Meet the team

Independant 3D Artists for 6 years, specialized in Archviz and Environment

Julien C.

Head Project

Thibault M.

Leader Character Designer

Dimitri C.

Character Designer

Developers and Freelancers

Jonathan H.


Amine L.

Blockchain Expert

Florian L.

Public Relations

Our Roadmap


Vision & Value

We truly believe in Web3.

All artists are doing an amazing job. However, for a lot of us working on NFT and non-NFT projects we are consumable goods. Underpaid and crunched, we are usually only required for filling out technical specifications and design briefs. We are the cornerstone of this ecosystem, it is our responsibility to seize back power. Do not allow past mistakes of Web2 to invade our Web3. Take back control, let us build together the biggest and greatest community of artists, fully decentralized.

Community first

  • Tech support (Q2 2022)

    Our first objective is to support independent and freelance artists of all levels. Guidance is necessary in this industry, we will be implementing training courses, Q&As, contests and collaborations.

  • Legal support (Q4 2022)

    We have encountered a lot of bad payers and copyright infringements in our way. This is why we wish to build a team in charge of legal protection of all our community members. No more scammers..

  • Community support (Q3 2022)

    Artists of all levels, investors looking for promising talents, our unity and excellence will be the opportunity to work together on NFT collections, video games, animations, ArchViz and much more.



  • Business opportunity (Q3 2022)

    To be part of the Hive is to allow growth, assistance and freedom. Mixing together artists, expertise, honest investors and guidance on every level, the Hive is a fertile ground for innovation, business and peace of mind.

  • Excellence opportunity (Q3 2022)

    To stay within the Hive as an artist, will grant you access to a support that has never been seen before, thanks to training courses and opportunities. This is your key to freedom.

  • Early discovery (Q3 2022)

    Being present as an investor will allow you to work with the best talents, inside a safe and kind space, and to discover hidden gems among artists and collections that are worth investing in.

  • Multiple Airdrops (Q3 2022)
    (Tokens, Metaverse-ready 3D files, 04 full body Bees)

  • All copyrights and commercial rights of the Bees will be transferred to their respective holders


Transparency is key here (Q1 2023)

Transparency is key here.
This is why we are exploring different opportunities created by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This revolutionizing system allows the contractualization of community regulations and individual rights, in a transparent and immutable way. This is a central component of the Hive, and our top priority.


Physical world

$100 000 worth of donations will be paid to a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting bees and their ecosystem. You, as a community, will be deciding the receiving organization through a vote.


  • Safe Space (Q3 2022)

    We want to create the first Safe Space for investors and artists, thanks to a full, complex and tokenized Doxxing process.

  • Dedicated YouTube channel (Q2 2022)

    We are currently creating a YouTube channel, in order to verify collections. We will be exposing potential scams but also promoting fair collections. We will be putting our community first.



  • 0 to 1 training (Q3 2022)

  • Your voice will matter as much as all the others

  • A system to promote your favorite artists (Q3 2022)